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Onslow Speedway History
Info on racers who won awards or their standings

Scott Fraser raced from 1986- 1991 (started at age 16) He raced in the Street Stock division. He was roockie of the year at Onslow Speedway in 1987. He also set a record for the most wins ever in a single year at Onslow Speedway.                          Wayne Smith (the oval outlaw)  in 1988 he was Sportsman Champion At Onslow Speedway( thanks to Verda Jackson (Wayne's mother in law) for this info. Verda was also Chief Scorer for MASCAR for over 12 years.                               Jackie Tanner won trophy for Onslow Street Stock points Champion.                           


ONSLOW SPEEDWAY 1982 Season (things that happened during the 1982 season)

in 1982 Onslow Speedway held an Oldtimers Race (racers that retired from racing) They use to race in the 60s and 70s. They put them in modifides and they let them rac. Some of the racers that raced were Bobby Allen, Grahm and Ivan Langel and Len currie.   Also in 1982 mid way through the season the introduction of the famous dukes class was introduced and also in 1982 they held some street drags ( you brought your street legale car and entered it to drag race it against others.  Also in 1982 the pace car at Onslow Speedway went to some lucky patron during the last race card of that season.

Onslow Speedway Race Officials

  • Bruce Buntain-1983 track starter
  • Norm Pickrem 1983
  • Ted Lohnes 1983

Onslow Speedway History Bits

In 1983 Onslow Speedway Ran from May 29th yo Sept 4th(went to Sept 11 because last race of season Sept 4 got rained out) and races started at6:30pm. You could also follow the action on the radio  on CHFX-Fm


Onslow Speedway Names

Onslow Speedway                                                                                     1985 season track was called   Onslow Mascar Speedway                    In 1993 and 1994 was called Onslow Motorsport Park